We are passionate experts in restoring your home’s unique original elements and preserving its distinctive character through meticulous restoration work.

Master Class

Our masterclass teaches exceptional restoration and design skills to create meaningful, engaging spaces. Topics include color theory and foundational principles.

Boutique Store

Discover our hand-picked collection of restored antique furniture for you to appreciate and give a new home where their craft will be valued.

Interior Design

We design personalized interiors by thoughtfully blending styles and eras with Victorian-inspired details to bring your unique vision to life.

We Don't Restore Houses, We Restore Culture​

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It’s been a long journey since we got to this point

& where we’re proudly representing you, the intersection of all the information, experience and knowledge we’ve gathered over the years. And the story of this journey continues to spread widely and deeply to create this culture that we want you to be a part of. The culture of old world appreciation.

Renaissance Consultation

Don't Miss Our​

Boutique Store​

Master Class

Dusty Old Knowledge

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