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That’s why we’ve handpicked a crew of the most gifted artists, craftspeople and vendors who share our love for revitalizing historic designs. Our partners can’t wait to lend you their expertise and make your vision a reality.Our goal is to connect you to the dream team of restoration all-stars so you can effortlessly access the best of the best. By assembling these creative superheroes, we aim to take your projects to the next level with showstopping designs rooted in tradition.With our band of skilled collaborators at your fingertips, you can boldly embark on your restoration adventures, assured that you have an A-team supporting your vision. Within our curated circle of industry professionals, we are pleased to feature : 
  • Master Ironworkers: Specialists in crafting and restoring intricate cast iron elements, ensuring durability and elegance for decks, rails, banisters & fences.
  • Victorian Tile Experts: Providers and installers of authentic Victorian tiles, enhancing both floors and walls with period-accurate charm.
  • Landmark Window Artisans: Experts in designing and restoring windows that capture the essence of historical architecture and style.
  • Upholstery Maestros: Skilled in rejuvenating and tailoring vintage and modern fabrics to breathe life into furniture pieces.
  • Victorian Fret Work Craftsmen: Artisans dedicated to the detailed carving and design of wood, capturing the Victorian era’s unique  aesthetic.
  • Historical Entry Door Woodworkers: Craftsmen who design and restore wooden doors, ensuring they serve as grand entrances to historical homes.
  • Historical Wood Floor Experts: Specialists in laying, restoring, and maintaining wooden floors that resonate with historical significance.
  • Muralists and Wall Painters: Artists who bring walls to life with historically-inspired murals and paint techniques.
  • Plaster Craftsmen: Masters in crafting ornate plaster moldings and medallions, reminiscent of grand historical interiors.
  • Furniture Restoration Experts: Dedicated to reviving original historical furniture pieces.
  • Hardware Specialists: Specialists in sourcing and restoring period-accurate hardware, ensuring every detail complements the historical integrity of a space. 
  • Antique Restorers and Distinguished Antique Vendors: Curators and restorers of timeless pieces, ensuring they retain their historical value and charm.
  • Brownstone Facade Specialists: Experts in preserving and restoring the iconic brownstone exteriors, ensuring they stand as enduring symbols of history.
  • Fireplace Mantle Craftsmen: Specialists in the design, installation, and restoration of marble and wood mantles, enhancing the architectural integrity and functionality of your fireplaces
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