Give the past new life so its beauty may enlighten the future.

We harmoniously fuse passion, expertsie and attention to detail in our approach to restoration

At Victorian Renaissance, we believe in the art of restoration. Our meticulous process involves stripping, sanding, and applying the perfect finish, whether it’s paint or stain. Beyond these foundational steps, we specialize in sourcing vintage pieces, repurposing them seamlessly into your home’s narrative. Dive into our comprehensive restoration offerings:

  • Wall Paneling: From replacing missing panel sections to fabricating designs that mirror the original, we ensure continuity in your wall paneling. Our services include stripping paint, matching the exact wood type, and crafting custom wall paneling designs tailored to your space.
  • Doors: We rejuvenate doors to their original splendor. Our expertise encompasses wood staining, hardware adjustments, and restoration. We can also transform wood panels into elegant glass features, enhancing the door’s aesthetic and functionality.
  • Stairs: Addressing everything from squeaks to sagging, we ensure your stairs are both beautiful and safe. Our services include replacing treads or risers, fabricating missing spindles, and a complete restoration process that brings out the stairs’ original charm.
  • Fire Mantels: We meticulously restore fire mantels, addressing missing details, relocating fireplaces, and adding custom pieces. Whether it’s sanding wood, repainting, or introducing top mantle pieces and mirrors, we ensure your fireplace becomes a focal point.
  • Floors: Our floor restoration services tackle everything from replacing deteriorated sections to customizing unique patterns. We match woods, refinish surfaces, and ensure the subfloor is perfectly level, delivering a floor that’s both stunning and durable.
  • Architectural Details: We breathe life into architectural elements, restoring and replacing damaged parts. Whether it’s door trims, base moldings, crown moldings, or hardware, we ensure every detail aligns with the home’s historic essence.
  • Facades: Our expertise extends to restoring brownstone facades to their original grandeur. We address water damage, strip paint, and repair features like stoops, fences, and cornices, ensuring the exterior mirrors the beauty within.
  • Ceilings: From addressing missing plaster to crafting custom designs, our ceiling services are comprehensive. We specialize in historical plaster and medallion fabrication, ensuring every ceiling detail, including crown moldings, is perfectly executed.
  • Intricate Iron Work: We restore and fabricate iron elements, from fences and gates to stoop rails, ensuring they align with landmark specifications.
  • Juliet Balconies: Our team can expertly fabricate Juliet balconies, adding a touch of elegance to your exterior.


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