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Welcome to my Masterclass

  In a world blinded by modernization, we’ve been disconnected by the brilliant legacy of interior design & architecture that the previous centuries gifted us with. The social default of modernization, has cast a shadow and stripped the identity of beauty, character, and elegance to a point where elements now fill a void without purpose or creativity. Our Masterclass aims to intrigue even those who may not have considered the value of the old world. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to unearth the untold stories and lost skills that once shaped our understanding of art and aesthetics. This course will enrich your creativity and deepen your connection & teach you how to approach architectural art with a unique point of view.From historical houses to wood restoration to the art behind interior design, these course will add a unique dimension that will set you apart as a one-of-a-kind individual who can speak the language of creativity and history. This is an invitation to everyone, Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, general contractor, art student, real estate broker, old-world enthusiast, or someone who considers art and design a necessity rather than a luxury, these courses are tailored just for you.This foundational information takes us back to the starting point where attention to detail began to shift. From that point, we’re going to set a new path that will add the values and depth our modern world deeply craves.

  We offer three specialized courses tailored to meet your unique interests and aspirations. Guided by Omri Lahat, we invite you on a transformative journey that will recalibrate your understanding of design theory, architecture, and history.  Our courses are in House Restoration, Interior Design, and a specialized Old House Expert Certification course tailored for Real Estate Brokers. Each course serves a distinct purpose: House Restoration focuses on the art and science of revitalizing historical homes, Interior Design delves into the creative and practical aspects of transforming spaces, and the Old House Expert for brokers, equips you with the skills to stand out in a data-driven market. In these courses, we will also explore the intersections of science, history, design, color theory, construction, restoration, millwork, and creativity.  Join me, as I teach you how to find your creative voice, narrate compelling stories, and seamlessly integrate these narratives throughout your design projects. 

  Our Real Estate Masterclass Official is a transformative experience tailored for brokers who aim to stand out in today’s digital landscape. This course goes beyond mere data provision, equipping you with the skills to interpret data, craft compelling narratives, and offer insights that transcend what search engines can provide. Led by an instructor passionate about historical homes, the course covers a range of topics from the history and restoration of properties to the financial aspects of construction and design dynamics. You’ll learn to master the art of selling historical properties, integrate modern features without compromising historical essence, and enhance property listings to appeal to a broader range of potential buyers. This comprehensive training, priced at $350, is designed to give you a unique skill set that sets you apart in a competitive market.

Special Package Deal: The Complete Design Experience

For those who wish to delve into both House Restoration and Interior Design, we offer a special package deal for $700. As an added bonus, you’ll gain exclusive access to all of our educational digital products for one year, including informative guides and PDFs on topics such as restoration, woodwork, wood finishing, color theory, historic doors, and much more!

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