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Ancient Artifacts : Hunting History’s Forgotten Treasures

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For millennia, humans have been drawn to artifacts from earlier eras. But how did this captivation with antiques come about?

In ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, antique collecting was tied to reverence for ancestors and cultural history. Elite scholars and rulers acquired antiquities reflecting their notable lineages. Greek and Roman intellectuals studied classical sculpture and pottery for insight into their origins. As European trade expanded during the Renaissance, appetite grew for classical artifacts reflecting this idealized ancient past. Nobility and academics traveled great distances to acquire artifacts like Greco-Roman glass, pottery, and sculpture. Publishing shifted focus from medieval to classical themes

Antique obsession boomed as archeology & colonial trade unearthed artifacts from Egypt, Africa, Asia, and the Islamic world. As ships, trains, and eventually planes enabled the transport of these unique items, private collections grew more eclectic and multicultural. Curiosity cabinets gave the public a glimpse of global antiques. Owning distinguished antiques remained a status symbol of education and worldliness.For novice collectors today, identifying original pieces still requires close inspection. Study any markings such as silver hallmarks, carved signatures seals, porcelain reign marks. Research these in resources like reference books and auction archives. Signature styles can also aid identification.Compare construction methods – hand-forged iron versus machine-pressed metals can indicate age.

Consider age-related wear. Do vessel bottoms show rough pontil marks from glassblowing? Is cabinet wood hand-planed? Damage can indicate antiquity too. Minor imperfections reveal hand craftsmanship vs modern machined pieces.Expand your antique hunting grounds by following seasoned pickers as they uncover barn and estate treasures. Scout rural auctions and shops away from picked-over cities. Discover antique catalogs & expand your knowledge.Most importantly, handle antiques with care and cultivate your instinct..Seek professional restoration when absolutely needed to avoid damaging historical integrity. An aura of antiquity can signal a special find despite unclear origins. Lean into your senses – your developing taste is the best compass.

Antiques have tied us to past ages for millennia, piecing back our history . These artifacts hold the stories of our collective past & our ancestors that once roamed the earth. It’s our responsibility to uncover each piece and share its story so future generations can feel inspired & appreciate their connection to our past.

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